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The main goal of activities of farm holding “Polonynske Hospodarstvo” is conservation of Hutsul horses in their natural habitat. Horses live without stalls and stables on free grazing even in winter. From May to November horses are on summer pastures in the valleys, at an altitude of 930 meters above sea level. From the end of November to the beginning of May horses live in winter pastures in the village Velyky Berezny, Transcarpathian region. Keeping a herd of 84 horses requires a lot of money (there are 33 of them mares) 


All our activities: a training course on mountain equestrian tourism (online + practice in the mountains), horseback riding with members of our community of equestrian tourists, children's books, relaxation and cognitive videos with horses/about horses, etc. is aimed at supporting our main goal. However, every part of the activity arose and arises for a reason, with the desire to do something useful and unique. 


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